Modeling magic
for iPad Pro.

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—This is magic indeed

Draw your shapes, then transform them.
Use freeform surfacing, sketch on faces,
and chamfer edges in seconds.

—CAD sketching was never fast enough...

... but we're here to change that.
Sketch like you did on paper, and have the results instantly in 3D.

Designing 3D models with Shapr3D

How tall is this cube?

As tall as you'd like it to be.
Models built in Shapr3D are parametrically editable,
without any commands or complex menus.

“You’ll soon forget how our loading screen looks like”

The iPad Pro is exceptional.
It runs Shapr3D with such a speed that
it can handle even the most complex models
you throw at it.

—Continue in your CAD of choice.

Shapr3D exports to STL, STEP, and IGES so that you can finish your designs in your favourite desktop modeling software. Shapr3D is compatible with ALL major CAD software (like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Fusion360, Rhino3D, CATIA, Inventor, PTC Creo and many more).

  • Imports STEP & IGES
  • Apple pencil sketching
  • Transforming models with tools
  • Surface modeling
  • Medium-quality .STL export
  • 3 workspaces
Download Shapr3D on the App Store

Free for hobbyists,
affordable for pros.

We believe that there shouldn't be any serious constraints on the Shapr3D experience
— You'll pay only if you'd like to.

Need Shapr3D for serious work?

The ultimate goal of Shapr3D is to be your sketching tool of choice.
With subscribing, you buy into a constantly evolving
piece of software, that's getting better day by day.

60% OFF till August 7
99 / yr
  • Free version functionality
  • STEP, IGES & High-quality STL export
  • Compatibility with all major CADs
  • Unlimited workspaces

Meet the team


Istvan is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and founder of Shapr3D, with experience in mobile application development and 3D modeling algorithms.


Tamás is an iOS guy with a background in software and bionics engineering.


Attila is a student, a marketer, and the youngest Shaper of our team.

Growth hacking and SEO

Gabor is a growth marketer and an SEO expert.

Business advisor

Zsolt has more than 15 years experience working at software companies in C level positions.

Business advisor

Dávid is the Product lead at Formlabs, a desktop 3D printing company.