Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Shapr3D designed for?

Our professional users include mechanical engineers, interior designers, graphic designers, CAD architects and industrial designers who use us for initial ideation. You can see what objects and models our users have created in the Shapr3D Forum. Shapr3D is also great for 3D printing.

Can I pay for the app upfront?

Our pricing is based on a subscription model. You can subscribe to a monthly or a yearly plan. See pricing here. This model allows us to maintain our business and constantly keep improving the app for you, with no upgrade fee.

Is it compatible with my modeler? Can I import or export my files?

Shapr3D is compatible with all major CAD software (like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Rhino3D, Fusion360, CATIA and many more). But this compatibilty is reserved for PRO users only. With a PRO account you can export to STEP, IGES, XT and high quality STL. With a free account you can export to low quality STL which is great for 3D printing. Importing from STEP and IGES is free for every user, but we don’t support STL import.

Can I render my model in the app?

Currently, you can’t do that using Shapr3D. If you’re keen on rendering your models on your iPad, you could use for example Procreate.

Can I make something in the app with exact measurements?

Yes. You can set any parameter to have exact measurement (fillets, chamfers, sizes etc.). We support the following length units: millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), meter (m), inch (in) and foot (ft).

Why the Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is the most advanced stylus we have ever used on a mobile device – it’s pressure sensitive, with a great latency and palm rejection. It was meant to be used by designers and engineers – and that’s exactly why we chose it.

Does it run on my iPad Mini / iPad Air?

The app runs on iPads, but without the Apple Pencil, Shapr3D runs only as a lightweight, fast and portable CAD viewer to showcase and explore modeling work on the fly. This means that you can also use Shapr3D on iPads made before the iPad Pro, but only as a CAD file viewer. If you’re using an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, Shapr3D functions as a state-of-the art modeler, enabling you to produce designs without limitations. Any device that uses the Apple Pencil will be supported in the future by Shapr3D.

Does it run on my iPhone?

No. Shapr3D doesn’t run on iPhones, because iPhones do not support Apple Pencil.

Why isn’t there an Android version?

We are focusing all of our resources on iPad Pro. It would take significantly more effort to provide the same quality on Android, which we don’t have at the moment. Read more about the reasons in this article.

Will you release the app for Android (Surface, Windows, OS X, etc.)?

Currently, we have to focus all of our resources on developing and maintaining the iOS version of Shapr3D. This means that we won’t release Shapr3D on other platforms in the near future.

Can I use the app for free?

Yes. Why? It’s simple: We’d like to make the world of 3D modeling better by providing our app for free in the App Store. If you’re just starting out, or crafting things as a hobby – this is the right tool for you, and you should be able to use it for free. The only limitation is in the number of workspaces, and in the quality of exports – that’s reserved for our PRO subscribers. If you’re using Shapr3D for work, you might want to subscribe to the PRO version – but that’s fully optional. If you’re using Shapr3D for teaching or research, you could benefit from our educational program. Learn more by sending a mail to education@shapr3d.com.

Does Shapr3D run on the new, 2018 iPads?

Yes. We are and we are running on every new iPad that has Apple Pencil support. You can only edit and create models if you have an Apple Pencil.

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