We’re on a mission to reinvent 3D design for the 21st century

To achieve this, we’re completely reimagining legacy computer-aided design (CAD) tools and building an iconic, mobile-first product that will define the next 30 years of the industry. Over the past two years of high-speed growth, our App Store Editor’s Choice winning app has been regularly featured in Apple commercials. But what we’re most proud of is the love we receive from our global user base every day. Furthermore, the company recently closed a $6M Series A funding round, backed by top European investors like Point9 Capital and Creandum.

We’re currently hiring an ambitious copy and content writer to take our brand engagement to the next level.

“We don’t want to be something for everybody, we want to be everything for some people.”

This is the Shapr3D copywriter’s mantra in a nutshell, a guiding principle that will make more and more sense as you dive into writing for our community of 3D designers and engineers. As a company built on product-obsession, we’re in constant communication with our users. Our outgoing messages need to mirror our deep understanding and reflection of their needs.

As copy and content creator, you’ll propose, write, and optimize messages across sales and marketing channels to pique interest and capture attention. Your work won’t just share information. It’ll inspire excitement and enthusiasm for an industry-disrupting product.

Our product is used and loved by hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world, and your words are the lynchpin in helping us communicate with them authentically.

From Eszter Kovacs, our head of brand and content:

“It’s often the invisible consistency and pragmatism that makes a brand come together. We’re working to make Shapr3D a hallmark of the CAD industry, one that shows a consistent and valuable face no matter which way you spin it. Maintaining the Voice+Tone throughout this is unbelievably important -- that’s what brings the whole picture together.”

If you’re excited about creating content across a broad range of channels for a highly technical and creative audience, this role is just perfect for you.

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We’re always looking to hire the best and brightest. If you’re a flexible problem solver, able to think critically on your feet and build the best solution for the context, apply to one of our open positions! Even if you don't tick every box in the requirements.

Last but not least we are conscious that a lot of things are slowing down right now due to COVID-19, so a quick update on where we stand. We’ll keep it short. Because not much has changed. We’re continuing recruitment and product development at full speed - just with a heck of a lot more video conferencing! As a well funded SaaS company we’re lucky to be able to take all the precautionary safety measures, while we continue business as usual. So if this role speaks to you, we encourage you to apply to our (now remote) team.

***Please submit your CV in English***

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