Bonus Video Tutorials

Beginner's course | Projects

Learn and apply all of Shapr3D’s features by using them to build complete 3D product models.

In these Beginner’s Course Project tutorials, Autodesk Expert Elite Claas Kuhnen designs a watch case, microphone and tea kettle with easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll cover how to: 

  • Create constrained sketches 
  • Use Boolean operations
  • Apply advanced tools like Loft, Sweep and Shell

3 projects, 80 minutes of pure modeling

Complete the first part of the Beginner’s Course to master ‘Brackets'. Next, fine-tune your precision modeling skills by completing the Watch Case and Microphone tutorial. Finish up the course by diving into conceptual work with a Tea Kettle modeling tut.

Each tutorial includes a customized workspace set up for each project.

Watch 'Bracket'

Get 3 bonus Beginner’s Course tutorials
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