Why isn’t there an Android version of Shapr3D?

Thanks for your interest in Shapr3D. It looks like you are looking for Shapr3D on Android. Unfortunately we don’t have an Android version of the app yet

Why isn’t there an Android version of Shapr3D?

We are focusing all of our resources on iPad Pro. It would take significantly more effort to provide the same quality on Android, which we don’t have at the moment. There are also technical differences we would have to overcome. We are a team of 12 people and just don’t have the resources to port the app for Android tablets right now.

When will you release Shapr3D for Android?

Currently we don’t have an estimate when we would be able to release the app for Android. The reason is that there are resource limits on our end and technical limitations of the Android system. Also, most styluses don’t function at all with Shapr3D.

With that said, we might consider the Android version too, but not in the near future.

Why does Shapr3D only support Apple Pencil?

The best stylus for Shapr3D is the Apple Pencil. Why? Because it is pressure sensitive and has low latency.

The problem is that most styluses are not pressure sensitive at all. And this is one of the main limitations of other styluses.

The pressure sensitivity makes it possible to do extrusions and perform certain very important transformations. The Apple Pencil only works with iPad Pro right now, so we are focusing all of our efforts on this tablet.

Are Android tablets ready for Shapr3D?

Yes and no. The Shapr3D app was designed for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. As far as we know, the Apple Pencil is the best stylus on the market.

There is only one comparable stlyus for Android, the S Pen designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note5. The S pen is also pressure sensitive, just like the Apple Pencil, but it has twice the latency. The Apple Pencil reportedly has a 49 ms latency, the S Pen used to have 93 ms. With the latest model it has been reduced to 74 ms.

There are other similar pencils, like the one for the Surface Pro 3. That has 87ms latency, while a Wacom Cintiq has 116 ms. With the Apple Pencil that is around 3 frames, with the S Pen that is around 6 frames. But with certain apps, the Apple Pencil has even lower latency. You can get it down to 38 ms (about around 2 frames). If you compare the latencies of the different styluses, it is pretty noticeable. Currently the Apple Pencil seems to be the best stylus on the market.

The tablet and stylus technology of Android (especially with the Samsung Galaxy Note5) is getting closer to what Apple has to offer with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, but it’s still not as advanced yet. The other Android manufacturers are still lacking behind on this market.

With that said, we might consider the Android version too, but not in the near future.

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