Presenting jewelry concepts in 3D

"I was amazed how fast and easy it was for me to create my first 3D design. I remember that night I did not sleep at all - I was modeling in Shapr3D for about 10 hours."

Arif Sesler is a jewelry designer based in Turkey. He taught himself both jewelry design and 3D modeling, the latter with the help of Shapr3D. Here’s how the app revamped his business and brought it to a whole new level.

Arif studied Ceramics and Sculpture at Art Academy of Anatolian University in Turkey. While he was in school, he never took a jewelry design class but he did go on to work as a Sales Manager at a jewelry company for 10 years. While there, he occasionally made designs for special customers, which sparked his passion for the craft.

Why he went to 3D modeling

When Arif started designing, he had a ‘hometown advantage’ -- his work was closely related to what he studied. At the outset, he only used freehand sketches. The downside of freehand sketches was that he couldn’t show customers exactly what they could expect. Sketches are never quite the same as the real thing. So Arif decided to learn CAD for jewelry design.

Turns out, the only available class in the country was in Istanbul, 900 km away from Antalya, a commute that Arif could not afford next to work.


How his modeling journey started


When he started his own business, Arif had bought an iPad Pro for his freehand sketches. He tried using several 3D apps but wasn’t satisfied with any of them until he tried Shapr3D.

After downloading the app, he followed the onboarding videos, watched tutorials and completed a few modeling exercises. Then he went into making his first 3D model in Shapr3D. Arif set a target to create at least two models per day in Shapr3D. This helped him learn to model much faster and improve the quality of his designs quickly.


His next challenge was rendering. After some research, he found Rhino worked well for putting materials on layers for rendering. Later on he found Fluidray RT. 

“The first render was as bright and promising as the future of my business.”


His new workflow gave him the power to show his customers the expected design in 3D in real-time, from any angle. Now he creates his designs directly in Shapr3D, skipping freehand sketches altogether.

"Now I can turn freehand sketches into 3D designs."



Arif's jewelry design workflow

Arif uses Shapr3D to impress his clients with designs in a high tech and creative way. First he takes screenshots and records screens in the app. Then he uses iMovie to add music and text to the videos, and adds the rendered designs. When he meets with customers, he takes the Apple TV with him to play the design videos he’s prepared for them. The effort and individualism helps them feel special, and turns his presentation process into an art.

"Being able to 3D model in Shapr3D has helped my business tremendously. Before I could only show my customers some freehand sketches. Now - I show them the world where they can see the unique jewelry in 3D form absolutely any angle."

"Due to the nature of my business, I travel a lot. I cannot express myself in full when I say that I enjoy sitting on an airplane with my iPad Pro in my hands and design in 3D during the flight. I can be creative anywhere in the world - in the air, on the ground, on my couch. I attribute this joy to Shapr3D."

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