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Raymond Cyr is VP of Design and Development for Ducharme Seating, a Montreal-based company providing spectator seating solutions for a wide range of venues, including arenas, theatres, stadiums, concert halls and auditoriums. Being a design manager, he is using Shapr3D to create concepts and show them to his team. Read on to learn how managers use Shapr3D to achieve the most effective 3D modeling workflow.

What is your background?

I have a degree in Industrial Design from Université du Quebec, Montréal. Before I started working for Ducharme Seating, I was an industrial designer and R&D manager for Leader Industries Inc, a company specializing in design and manufacturing of protective eyewear for sports, industrial and military usage.

How experienced are you in CAD or any related field?

At the beginning of my design career, I was using CADKEY, surface and solid modeling on a daily basis. I was also modeling parts for injection mold making.

When I became an R&D Manager, I was introduced to SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, but I never managed to become a pro user. I have been using that software for 15 years to review the work of the design team I manage. After I found out about Shapr3D, I started using it on a daily basis. The software allows me communicate my ideas and concepts more effectively.

What for and how do you use Shapr3D at work?

Showcasing the current design project for Ducharme Seating
concept 3d modeling manufacture
3D model of concept, later manufactured

As the VP of Design and team manager of 5 designers, my design point of view is constantly solicited for many development projects. Many of the projects I work on a weekly basis are related to theater seating industries. The company I work for has been providing spectator seating solutions for a wide range of venues, including arenas, theatres, stadiums, concert halls, and auditoriums. We are also well known for our expertise in resolving fixed seating requirements for the institutional market in venues like schools, colleges and universities, libraries, places of worship, healthcare facilities and military bases.

The projects I am working on are basically custom seat development for those venues. Shapr3D helps me create 3D models and systematize base configurations. It helps me develop and validate concepts before they go in to a deeper process of highly detailed modeling for production that is executed by my design team using Autodesk Inventor.

Side view

Autodesk Inventor and similar software are simply not the right tools for concept creation. They are not easy to learn or use. In my opinion, they were not created for design managers like me who need to create concepts and be able to present those ideas quickly without the need for a high-end portable computer.

concept 3d model
Front view
concept 3d model
Back view

What is your advice to someone who is just starting out?

I would advise everyone who is just starting out not to be afraid of difficulties of learning the software. It actually is not that hard. I keep learning all the time by attending biweekly webinars hosted by Shapr3D. They have so many valuable tips and tricks on how to model and how to make your workflow more efficient. Take advantage of them!

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