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Available for iPad, Mac, and Windows.

ⓘ Available for iPad, Mac, and Windows.

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ⓘ Available for iPadOS, macOS, and Windows.
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Requires macOS Big Sur (11.0) or later


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Requires iPadOS 14 or later, preferably with Apple Pencil


Requires Windows 10 2004 or later

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3D modeling, reimagined

Clunky. Expensive. Archaic. These shouldn't be the words you use to describe your CAD program. Try the world’s most mobile and intuitive CAD app instead - and bring your design journey into the 21st century.



As intuitive as paper and pen. As powerful as desktop CAD.

Design with your iPad and Apple Pencil as if you were drawing with pen on paper. Trim your workflow by navigating effortlessly with your fingers and a predictive menu that auto-suggests tools for you.

Design intuitively
Apple Pencil


Speedy design iterations as a service

Don’t waste time making your product ideas a reality. Shapr3D helps you create watertight, manufacturable solid models that are ideal for 3D printing. Create physical prototypes, validate, and iterate until you finesse the winning design in the shortest timeframe.

Validate fast


Manufacture with mathematical precision

Shapr3D is powered by Siemens® Parasolid®, the same engine that drives SOLIDWORKS. You can prototype rapidly with a natural UI, and import models directly into your desktop CAD for further editing. Bring your products from concept to manufacturing with precise 2D drawing exports.

Model for manufacturing


CAD software your clients will love

Present product concepts for your clients in a clean UI, and add feedback live to get to approvals faster. Take it to the next level and project your design into context with the Augmented Reality export feature.

Present to clients

On the go

A tool that’s always by your side

Be ready for the creative moment. Whether it’s in the office, with clients or at home. Resolve issues on the manufacturing floor, en route, even offline.

Take CAD anywhere

See how Shapr3D improves your workflow

Industrial Designers

Design ideas in 3D as if you were drawing with pencil on paper. Iterate, edit, and manufacture your concepts seamlessly on an award-winning app.

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Create and access manufacturable models offline, anywhere. Shapr3D combines the power of SOLIDWORKS and an award-winning UI.

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Product Managers

Visualize 3D concepts for your engineering team, no CAD experience needed. Impress clients and ease communication with manufacturing.

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Design your own products without taking CAD training. Or paying CAD prices. Start modeling with an Apple Design Award-winning app today.

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