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75% of design companies want to hire new graduates with experience solving real-life design problems

For students

Get hands-on with 3D design with the world’s most intuitive, professional-grade CAD app. Shapr3D Pro is competely free for students at accredited educational institutions.

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For educators

Supercharge your blended 3D design classroom with the world’s leading CAD app. Contact us to explore the different ways we can collaborate with your educational institution.

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CAD-compatible, industrial strength learning software

Explore rapid prototyping, concept design, and design for 3D printing workflows on an interface that mirrors pen and paper sketching - then export to production or desktop CAD for further development.

Accessible CAD software for blended learning

Thousands of students and educators worldwide use Shapr3D for 3D design practice both in and outside of the classroom. Work with a CAD tool available on all Apple Pencil compatible iPads.


Deo A-Mutomb


Architecture student


“With Shapr3D, I saw an opportunity to bring my passion for design and architecture everywhere I went.”


Claas Kuhnen


Chair of Interior Design


Wayne State University


“My mission as an educator is to integrate cutting-edge technology into coursework, to give students a competitive edge in the job market and facilitate tech transfer via education. Shapr3D’s mobile-first CAD UX keeps pace with tech trends and provides the most hands on design experience of any CAD software.”

Effortless digital transformation for 3D design

The revolution in iPad computing power has made tablets a powerful design tool for professionals. Keep your classroom up to speed with the latest tech trends.

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Requires macOS Big Sur (11.0) or later


Requires iPadOS 13.4 or later — preferably with Apple Pencil


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