Shapr3D only runs on iPads supporting Apple Pencil

Shapr3D is a professional CAD on iPad made for Apple Pencil. Revolutionary new 3D modeling experience yet intuitive like never before.

It looks like you downloaded Shapr3D on an older iPad. This means you won’t be able to fully run Shapr3D on your tablet.

Shapr3D only works on an iPad that supports Apple Pencil. (iPad Pros, iPad 2018, iPad Mini 5 (2019), iPad Air 3(2019))


The Apple Pencil has a unique pressure sensitivity function that other (regular) styluses don’t have. And unfortunately, the iPad Mini 4, the Air 2 (or older devices) don’t support Apple Pencil.

As we need this pressure sensitivity to do certain functions in the app (extrusion, drawing splines, etc.), we have to limit the full usage of the app to the iPads that support Apple Pencil.

What can I do with Shapr3D without Apple Pencil?

The good news is that you can still use the app, but only in a limited capacity. You can run Shapr3D in view-only mode. Shapr3D is perfect for showcasing your designs. You can import .STEP, .IGES and .SHAPR formats into the app and view them on your iPad. You can read more about the 3D formats we support here.

You don't have a design at hand?

We are happy to help you out, have a look at all the models from our tutorials, from design chairs to tire rims.

You can download the models from our Dropbox folder. You can import it to Shapr3D or to any other CAD!

In the future, we will support other Apple devices that support the Apple Pencil.If you have any further questions, let us know via email or on our forum.

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