Show, don't tell.

Bridge the gap between ideas and reality with a visual communication bundle that makes all back-and-forth obsolete. Using Visualization you can show your model as a real-time 3D render in its intended space. Toggle instantly between 3D modeling and 3D render to promptly edit and finalize together.
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Available for iPadOS, macOS, and Windows,
and fully supported on Wacom tablets.

Flexible workflow

With physically-based rendering, you can switch between modeling and rendering seamlessly for quick alignment.

Visualize in real-time

Instant rendering lets you view your model in real-time complete with texture and lighting, in seconds.

View in augmented reality

A single click lets you jump into AR instantly to view your finished product in real scale and space on-site.

Send to share

Get feedback from anyone when you send a real-time 3D render of your model as a secure link for download-free viewing from anywhere.

Join manufacturing and design teams around the globe building products in Shapr3D

Your flow, uninterrupted.

3D model to Visualization and back: you can toggle seamlessly for instant edits and alignment - without ever needing to switch your CAD tool. On-the-spot edits lead to spot-on decisions. With over 130 materials, a range of lighting environments, and depth of field to softly guide attention, you convey vision with the same next-generation professionalism, whether for impromptu discussions or planned presentations.

Check in AR.
Decide in context.

Showing your Visualized model in AR lets you and your team have essential conversations earlier. Without the lags of physical prototyping or communication in different professional languages to hold you back, you can test and assess both requirements and aesthetics. Everyone wins when products meet and beat expectations.

Skip the install.

Straight to collaboration.

When you share a real-time 3D render of your model via Webviewer, you give any stakeholder the ability to view from wherever they are. Even on mobile. Without download. And in AR. Tack on 2D Drawings for a complete vision to finalize for production.

Experts about Shapr3D

Visualization and Webviewer allows clients to check out the designs at their own pace to see how things interact in spaces. It relieves stress for people who don’t really get CAD or have difficulty visualizing a part, allowing them comfort in the process.
Kyle Harder
Project Manager
I travel a lot, and I often give design directions to the team from home. When you get a spark of inspiration, it’s great to have tools like Shapr3D.
Samuele Meda
Head of Design, Kenwood

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