Documentation, done.
Manufacturing, ready.

Spend less time creating your documentation and quickly move your projects from design to manufacturing. In just a few clicks, document your design as a standards-compliant 2D Drawing.
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Available for iPadOS, macOS, and Windows,
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Fast and focused

An adaptive UI that lays out all options before you stops you from searching. Get from model to a manufacturing-ready drawing in less time.


Support for ISO and ANSI Drawing standards and export to DXF, DWG and PDF keep you ready for production.

Mobile sharing

Get feedback on your designs, update your model, and adjust 2D Drawings - all on the go.

Integrated workflow

Quickly jump between modifying your 3D model, updating your 2D Drawing, and creating textured visualizations in seconds.

Join manufacturing and design teams around the globe building products in Shapr3D

Views and annotations
in a snap.

Speed up documentation while bulking up on precision. You don’t have to compromise on either. An onscreen menu of views lets you pick your selection without any searching and just a few clicks. Keep up the momentum with an adaptive UI that makes quick work of annotating dimensions, adding notes, and adjusting tolerances.

Decide anywhere.
Document everywhere.

Balance your workflow across devices for a faster documentation process. With multidevice capability, you can work on just the right device, at just the right place, with just the right people. So the only back-and-forth is between devices. Make quick decisions next a coworker by your machine or next to a customer on site.

Decide. Document. Deliver.

Tailor your 2D Drawing handover to everyone’s workflow. You can print - just as before - or simply send as a link for download-free viewing via Shapr3D’s secure cloud. Your privacy stays as much in the foreground as every part of your design. Everyone always has the latest published version for search-free, consistent alignment.

Iterating, updating: Integrated.

Edit in real-time with instant switches between 3D Modeling, 2D Drawings, and Visualization. Without lags, you can respond to feedback with immediate updates to your model that reflect in every space. Instant visual clarity allows for quick decisions that close communication gaps and expand space for innovation.

Experts about Shapr3D

I do the robotic line concept in a matter of hours, the gripper and the workflow from 0 to 100% (including real gripper installed on the robot) in less than TWO weeks, including precise drawings and all. It is a wonderful experience that I cannot imagine working without. I do CAD sitting or even standing at the production floor by the robot, measuring, imagining how to tweak the design to suit the process
Radek Fáborský
Specialist manager (robotics)
My workflow changed a lot. It’s a lot easier to explain, to show ideas to people, to give ideas to people. Now I can sketch out my ideas while sitting on my sofa at home. Then the next day [the engineer] can make changes. This is a very big advantage and very easy to use.
Wolfgang Bregenzer
CEO/CTO and Tooling Manager, 3DSystec
Using Shapr3D communicates tooling designs accurately and clearly by myself, the end user, which greatly speeds up the designing process. This reduces downtime by getting tooling and fixture designs directly to the approval process, manufactured, and implemented.
Nathan DiClaudio
Aviation Technician

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