Multidevice. Everywhere.

Work with the first CAD tool envisioned for a multidevice workflow. Take your pick of devices and even design offline so you get the ideal flow to work next to anyone you need, wherever you need.
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Available for iPadOS, macOS, and Windows, and fully supported on Wacom tablets.

Native on all platforms

Work across iPadOS, macOS, and Windows with a multidevice CAD tool that fits every device.

Design offline

Even when you don’t have a network connection, you can keep designing without any roadblocks.


Keep collaboration opportunities open for any professional workflow with all-around CAD compatibility.

Work with security

Model with secure backups and use Sync to access designs on any of your devices.
Join manufacturing and design teams around the globe building products in Shapr3D:

Match your device to your workflow.

With a multidevice CAD tool, you can work right where you need with the right people. Let your design evolve with your process to meet any conditions and requirements that emerge. A more flexible workflow allows you to swap back-and-forth for highly responsive designwork. iPad or tablet, mac or Windows - even offline. Pick and then switch - you don’t have to choose.

The best of desktop and mobile, in one CAD.

Keep your focus intact across devices. An adaptive user interfaces that plays well across devices combines the best of desktop and mobile devices so you feel comfortably at home, no matter which one you pick. Icons, labels, and navigation checkpoints guide your focus with a high-contrast appearance and simple toggling made to work seamlessly wherever you work.

Your workflow.

Online or off.

Securely sync your designs for an uninterrupted process. When you save your designs, you save locally and simultaneously back up securely to the Shapr3D Cloud. So you can access your designs from anywhere, even offline. Start on desktop and pick up right where you left off on iPad, your designs are always with you and stay your own.

Experts on Shapr3D

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Shapr3D currently logs a 4.9/5 rating on G2 out of 146 reviews.
When we’re pushing a time crunch for a deadline, it’s really handy to just be able to walk right up to it and model it out in 5 or 6 minutes. What used to take me an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes now takes me a half hour. That’s exceptional time savings.
Vern Thacker
Production Supervisor, Buckeye Metal
I travel a lot, and I often give design directions to the team from home. When you get a spark of inspiration, it’s great to have tools like Shapr3D.
Samuele Meda
Head of Design, Kenwood
Visualization and Webviewer allows clients to check out the designs at their own pace to see how things interact in spaces. It relieves stress for people who don’t really get CAD or have difficulty visualizing a part, allowing them comfort in the process.
Kyle Harder
Project Manager

Elevate your

3D modeling

Focus in on the fine details using a full 2D sketch suite and all the 3D modeling tools you need. With an adaptive menu and your choice of devices to follow your workflow, you can make realizing your product simple - no matter how complex.

Conceptual design

Adjust your first version and get to every next iteration without struggle: an adaptive user interface meets direct modeling so you can make tweaks fast - with tools that always work for you.

Design anywhere

Work with the first CAD tool envisioned for a multidevice workflow. Take your pick of devices and even design offline so you get the ideal flow to work next to anyone you need, wherever you need.

2D drawings

Condense documentation time. With onscreen options to guide your selection and tidiness built-in, you get to skip searching and conserve focus for the decisions that matter most. Stay far ahead of deadlines and get all the space you need to innovate.


Take your products from concept to reality. Make preparation effortless so you can prioritize designing your next best part, faster: an adaptive, multidevice CAD lets you pick your production route and work from wherever you need.


Bridge the gap between ideas and reality with a visual communication bundle that makes all back-and-forth obsolete. Using Visualization you can show your model as a real-time 3D render in its intended space. Toggle instantly between 3D modeling and 3D render to promptly edit and finalize together.


Make designing a reflex and direct visual communication second nature. When you equip your team with instinctive CAD, you give everyone an outlet for their expertise without any language barriers to hold them back. To-the-point conversations help get the best ideas manufactured. Trim excess for lean product results.

Minimize barriers. Accelerate production. Shapr3D adapts to every team’s workflow.

Innovate with a next generation design and manufacturing workflow.