Prototype Next day.

With the flexibility of a multidevice workflow in Shapr3D, you can create and edit digital prototypes in AR to finalize on the spot, cutting prototyping costs.
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comprehensive file support
on-site prototype edits
integrated visualization
interactive ar editing

Comprehensive format support.

Manufacturing-ready models and formats keep all routes open for your preferred manufacturing methods. Choose from 3MF / STL for 3D printing, DXF for laser printing, or STEP for CNC.

Edit prototypes on site from the device of your choice.

Review prototypes on location, drawing on Shapr3D’s native platform support to pick up your design on any device. With on-the-spot iterations on a clean, adaptive UI, you solve problems as they occur and cut turnaround time.

Align early with integrated Visualization and modeling.

Reviewing 3D renders in real space and time is an integral part of the modeling process. With quick toggling between Visualization and modeling environments, you can edit instantly for feedback, achieving early alignment with team members and stakeholders.

Interactively edit in AR.

Tapping into XR makes viewing your model in real space and size completely interactive. Built into the Shapr3D modeling environment, you can get immediate feedback and empower designers to even edit on a Vision Pro.

Adaptive parametric modeling

Shapr3D’s adaptive parametric modeling running on a clean UI provides flexibility to design and make quick decisions in context. Just select a feature to filter design history for relevant steps or directly edit geometry in real-time with on-canvas controls.

Check in AR,
decide in context.

Viewing models in real-time and space in AR makes communication more precise to reduce prototyping costs while increasing design review frequency and quality.

Visualization materials

Pick from over 130 materials, ranging from diverse wood materials, colorable materials, metals, ceramics, and textiles, with the option to manually rotate the grain direction for a customized look.

Powered by
Siemens Parasolid

You get a workflow resting on a solid foundation: complete every model with pinpoint accuracy working with a Siemens Parasolid® kernel under the hood.

Work online
or off

Shapr3D runs natively on all devices, saving designs locally and backing up to the Shapr3D Cloud for you to access designs instantly from anywhere. Work across devices or go offline. No internet connection required.

Connect to
any CAD

Comprehensive file support integrates Shapr3D into your workflow, connecting you with any CAD system. Choose from STEP, IGES, X_T, STL, and more to import-export seamlessly from any device, working wherever you need.

Design anywhere across 
the Shapr3D ecosystem.