communicate better in CAD across 
design and engineering.

All designs you concept in Shapr3D readily work for engineering without losing anything in translation.
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comprehensive file support
communicate in 3d
adaptive parametric modeling

Complete file support fits any workflow.

Seamlessly import-export models leveraging comprehensive file support. Select from STEP, IGES, X_T, STL, NX, and more to confidently deliver designs from any device, right alongside engineering.

Manufacturing-ready models align design and engineering faster.

Build strong collaborations across design and engineering communicating in the same 3D language, backed by a Siemens Parasolid kernel. You maintain the integrity of your workflow and design, confidently delivering manufacturing-ready models with built-in precision.

Edit and finalize on-the-spot in meetings.

Directly edit geometry or design history on the fly without worrying about breaking your model, speeding up communication. Shapr3D’s clean, adaptive UI provides clear instructions on-screen, making navigation easier and letting you focus completely on your design.

Adaptive Parametric Modeling

Shapr3D’s adaptive parametric modeling running on a clean UI provides flexibility to design and make quick decisions in context. Just select a feature to filter design history for relevant steps or directly edit geometry in real-time with on-canvas controls.

Powered by Siemens Parasolid

You get a workflow resting on a solid foundation: complete every model with pinpoint accuracy working with a Siemens Parasolid® kernel under the hood.

Integrate with any CAD

Comprehensive file support integrates Shapr3D into your workflow, connecting you with any CAD system. Choose from STEP, IGES, X_T, STL, and more to import-export seamlessly from any device, working wherever you need.

Design online or off

Shapr3D’s adaptive UI runs natively on all devices, saving designs locally and backing up to the Shapr3D Cloud for you to access designs instantly from anywhere. Work across devices or go offline. No internet connection required.
Getting started with Shapr3D

asked questions

Is Shapr3D compatible with all CAD and 3D modeling tools?

Yes. Built upon Parasolid, all Shapr3D models are true solid models, and can be imported and exported in XT, STEP, STL, DWG, DXF, 3MF (import only) and OBJ (import only).

Is Shapr3D compatible with SOLIDWORKS?

Yes, Shapr3D is compatible with SOLIDWORKS through SLDPRT and SLDASM for importing and exporting XT, Parasolid’s own file format that maintains all geometrical details.

Is Shapr3D compatible with NX?

Yes, Shapr3D is compatible with NX through a .PRT importer and a STEP / XT exporter.

Can I import STEP files with Shapr3D?

Yes, Shapr3D can import STEP files on iPad, Windows, and macOS.

Can I import XT files with Shapr3D?

Yes, Shapr3D can import XT files on iPad, Windows, and macOS.

Design anywhere across 
the Shapr3D ecosystem.