Jump into concepting.
Get to your best design faster.

With Shapr3D, you can explore concepts with quick, manufacturing-ready iterations meeting engineering requirements, making final design selection remarkably smooth.
quick concepting
Onboard in hours
portable digital sketchbook

Concepting speed you have to see to believe.

Maximize iterations working on an adaptive UI that populates tools based on your selection. Just two clicks take you from modeling and Visualization, with edits reflecting instantly. Combined, you can arrive at your best design faster through a much smoother process.

Ramp up your design team in hours.

Teams onboard in hours without having to take a workshop or study CAD for months. Get a solid foundation of the basics or add to your expertise leveraging an intuitive modeling environment that makes 3D modeling second nature.

Take your designs anywhere on a digital sketchbook.

Concept as your ideas form on a portable, digital sketchbook using a pencil input as natural as sketching on paper. Designs sync across devices, giving you full freedom to customize your modeling process to fit your workflow.

All the CAD tools
you need

Shapr3D sports the ideal tools for you to precisely craft your design, from simple Boolean and Fillet operations to fully parametrized Loft operations.

Quickly investigate shapes

Discard, refine, and finalize shapes without predefined constraints, excersing unlimited freedom to investigate concepts. Pick from non-uniform scale, moving edges, guided, blended Lofts, and more.

Adaptive Parametric Modeling

Shapr3D’s adaptive parametric modeling running on a clean UI provides flexibility to design and make quick decisions in context. Just select a feature to filter design history for relevant steps or directly edit geometry in real-time with on-canvas controls.

Powered by
Siemens Parasolid

You get a workflow resting on a solid foundation: complete every model with pinpoint accuracy working with a Siemens Parasolid® kernel under the hood.

Work online
or off

Shapr3D runs natively on all devices, saving designs locally and backing up to the Shapr3D Cloud for you to access designs instantly from anywhere. Work across devices or go offline. No internet connection required.


Combine macOS, iPadOS, Windows, and VisionOS devices to match your ideal workflow. An adaptive user interface that plays well across platforms combines the best of desktop and mobile so you feel comfortably at home, no matter which one you pick.

Design anywhere across the Shapr3D ecosystem.