get quick design approvals.

With Shapr3D’s Visual Communication Bundle, everyone can easily understand your designs regardless of CAD software experience, speeding up alignment and design finalization.

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Edit Visualized models instantly, promptly addressing feedback.

Integrated Visualization and modeling spaces enable you to communicate your design precisely as a real-time 3D render and edit for feedback immediately. Just two clicks take you from 3D model to 3D render, with your edits reflecting instantly.

Engage non-CAD users in the 3D review process, wherever they are.

Run Shapr3D Visualization on any device, no expensive hardware needed and share via a link for download-free viewing from anywhere, including mobile. Your stakeholders can interact with your model, even in AR, and immediately understand the design, without any CAD experience.

Immersive design presentations.

Engage stakeholders in high-quality design conversations, leveraging the unbeatable visual clarity and detail of Apple Vision Pro. Together, you can interactively edit models to increase design reviews while minimizing prototyping costs.


A Visualization bundle with over 130 materials, and a lighting environment of your choice presents your model with realistic finish in real-time and space, increasing the precision of communication. Address feedback on the spot, instantly toggling between 3D model and 3D render with edits reflecting immediately to finalize quickly.

Integrated AR and CAD software

Presenting models in AR displays the realistic final finish of your design in its intended physical space, enabling all stakeholders to comprehend your design and align quickly.

Cross-device CAD system

Combine macOS, iPadOS, Windows, and VisionOS devices to match your ideal workflow. An adaptive user interface that plays well across platforms combines the best of desktop and mobile so you feel comfortably at home, no matter which one you pick.

Download-free viewing, from anywhere.

Simply share your design via a link for stakeholders to view from anywhere, even on mobile, download-free via Shapr3D Webviewer. Viewers can zoom, pan in 360, and show in their own space in AR to view and understand designs in full context.

Design anywhere across 
the Shapr3D ecosystem.