Design Better Products with Your Team.

Teams collaborate, review, and work better together across Shapr3D’s ecosystem and suite of real-time editing capabilities.

Speed up alignment with adaptive cad.

Concept together

A clean, adaptive user interface auto-suggesting tools runs natively on all platforms, enabling quick iterations on any device for teams to quickly edit and align in meetings.

Prototype together

Make better product decisions with precise digital prototypes showcased in AR. Integrated Visualization and modeling spaces equip you to instantly edit for feedback.

Seamlessly handoff

Streamline communication combining direct geometry edits and design history. With a Siemens Parasolid kernel, iterate as ideas form and get complete file support for hand-off.

Review together

Teams onboard in hours, pick up modeling in minutes, and effortlessly communicate designs as real-time 3D renders that everyone can understand in striking detail.

Manufacturing review

Shorten feedback rounds and speed up cross-functional team alignment with quick imports-exports and edits to model geometry on the spot, all supported by Parasolid®.

Assembly planning

Assembly planning teams easily learn CAD and show entire assembly lines in real space in AR right on the shopfloor, clearly conveying plans for quick implementation.

Tooling design

Quickly concept and produce tooling designs next to your machine. Reflect ideas instantly with integrated modeling and Visualization, communicating designs precisely in AR.

Troubleshoot production

Teams flexibly work between desktop and the workfloor. Check and edit on-site, even in AR, to troubleshoot production issues fast, minimizing downtime.

“I travel a lot, and I often give design directions to the team from home. When you get a spark of inspiration, it’s great to have tools like Shapr3D.”

Samuele Meda, Head of Design

Connect to
any CAD

Comprehensive file support integrates Shapr3D into your workflow, connecting you with any CAD system. Choose from STEP, IGES, X_T, STL, and more to import-export seamlessly from any device, working wherever you need.

Powered by
Siemens Parasolid

You get a workflow resting on a solid foundation: complete every model with pinpoint accuracy working with a Siemens Parasolid® kernel under the hood.

Adaptive Parametric Modeling

Shapr3D’s adaptive parametric modeling running on a clean UI provides flexibility to design and make quick decisions in context. Just select a feature to filter design history for relevant steps or directly edit geometry in real-time with on-canvas controls.

Design together anywhere 
across the Shapr3D ecosystem.