Dynamic concepts. Precise prototypes.

Adjust your first version and get to every next iteration without struggle: an adaptive user interface meets direct modeling so you can make tweaks fast - with tools that always work for you.
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Available for iPadOS, macOS, and Windows,
and fully supported on Wacom tablets.

Design without friction

A tidy interface and adaptive menu that auto-suggests your next tool makes modeling instinctive.

Built for production

Take your pick: export to any 3D CAD, 3D printer, or CNC machine, and more. All-around compatibility lets you hit manufacturing standards, every time.

Communicate in 3D

Share updates with real-time visualizations of your models in AR - download-free, from anywhere.

Choose your input

Switch comfortably between input devices to match your work mode. Pick between Apple Pencil, SpaceMouse, and Wacom pen - or use all in one flow.

Join manufacturing and design teams around the globe building products in Shapr3D

Best, better, more: 

Limitless concepting.

Let your concepts expand. With an adaptive menu that auto-suggests tools, you can tackle any challenge - and arrive at your best design, fast.

Align, validate, done.

Get ahead with instant feedback. Now you can eliminate communication errors by leaning into visuals: use Shapr3D Visualization and augmented reality (AR) to show your model in real space and time. Instead of multiple back-and-forth rounds, validate concepts early and make on-the-spot decisions.

Design wherever your work takes you.

Move around freely with the option to select and switch between any device - from iPad to desktop, and back. Balance professional appeal with practical mobility when you snap open a workspace straight from your tablet to address problems wherever they are.

Experts about Shapr3D

I travel a lot, and I often give design directions to the team from home. When you get a spark of inspiration, it’s great to have tools like Shapr3D.
Samuele Meda
Head of Design, Kenwood
Visualization and Webviewer allows clients to check out the designs at their own pace to see how things interact in spaces. It relieves stress for people who don’t really get CAD or have difficulty visualizing a part, allowing them comfort in the process.
Kyle Harder
Project Manager

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