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Take your products from concept to reality. Make preparation effortless so you can prioritize designing your next best part, faster: an adaptive, multidevice CAD lets you pick your production route and work from wherever you need.
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Work directly alongside any team member or communicate efficiently with clients on-site. With a multidevice CAD that follows your process, you can arrive at decisions instantly. You can work anywhere from the device of your choice with your pick of iPad, Mac, or Windows - even when offline.

All-around compatibility.

Give production a solid foundation of flexibility. With all manufacturing options open, you can export to a 3D printer, CNC machine, or work between any 3D CAD. Move around on the shop floor, on-site or off, and make the vital decisions that keep you pushing forward and breaking records faster, together.

Zero errors.
Decide faster, together.

Leverage direct communication to make product finalization fast and simple. Instead of struggling through cluttered emails and back-and-forth discussions, work with a visual toolbox that lets you share your concepts for immediate feedback and alignment. Share a 3D render of your model in real time and space complete with 2D Drawings, ready for download-free viewing - and instant decisions.

Experts about Shapr3D

I do the robotic line concept in a matter of hours, the gripper and the workflow from 0 to 100% (including real gripper installed on the robot) in less than TWO weeks, including precise drawings and all. It is a wonderful experience that I cannot imagine working without. I do CAD sitting or even standing at the production floor by the robot, measuring, imagining how to tweak the design to suit the process
Radek Fáborský
Specialist manager (robotics)
My workflow changed a lot. It’s a lot easier to explain, to show ideas to people, to give ideas to people. Now I can sketch out my ideas while sitting on my sofa at home. Then the next day [the engineer] can make changes. This is a very big advantage and very easy to use.
Wolfgang Bregenzer
CEO/CTO and Tooling Manager, 3DSystec
Using Shapr3D communicates tooling designs accurately and clearly by myself, the end user, which greatly speeds up the designing process. This reduces downtime by getting tooling and fixture designs directly to the approval process, manufactured, and implemented.
Nathan DiClaudio
Aviation Technician

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