Design Flow Contest

Get from sketching to visualization in one go

If you’re into 3D modeling, get your pencil sharpened and show off your best work this season. Round after round, the Shapr3D Design Flow Contest will challenge you with a theme, and your task is to come up with an original design for it. It can be anything you can think of as long as it’s created entirely in Shapr3D, from sketching to visualization.

There is one winner in each round, and you can participate in one (or more rounds) to win.



Grand Prize Winner

Based originality, usability, and quality, our 3D modeling experts picked the Grand Prize Winner. Congratulations to Sebastian Mome!

Round 4

Fine jewelry

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, brooches, watches – the list really is infinite when it comes to accessories. But don’t forget: looks should never hinder usability. See beyond simply showcasing a fancy design and create an original model that is manufacturable, wearable, and made entirely in Shapr3D.

Just like in the previous round, our team of 3D modeling experts will pick the winning design. This is the last round of the contest, so share your best work!

Winner: Mac Gatchalian
See the winning design

Round 3


In this round, the floor is yours to mix convenience with practicality. Relaxing as this theme may sound, we’re actually upping the ante for this round.

Our team of 3D modeling experts will pick the winning design. Likes don’t count anymore, so make sure you read all the requirements below and wow our eagle-eyed jury with your design.

Winner: Lukas Mank
See the winning design

Round 2


Dynamism, action, energy, force: this is the theme of the next round of our design contest.

But don’t make the rookie mistake of limiting your vision to vehicles only. Anything and everything can be dynamic from furniture pieces to jewelry, and all things in between. As long as it’s your original idea, created entirely in Shapr3D, there’s no limit to your imagination. Let’s get movin’!

Winner: Francesco Alfieri
See the winning design

Round 1

All things retro

Some might say let bygones be bygones, but the thing is retro and vintage products are more popular than ever. If you’re one of those who have a nostalgic longing for a song, a style, or a childhood device, you’ll love this one.

In this round, you can travel back in time and design something that gives you retro vibes. As long as it’s your original idea, created entirely in Shapr3D, there’s no limit to your imagination.

Winner: Marek Macko
See the winning design

How to participate

Get to know Shapr3D


Design something original in Shapr3D inspired by the theme: Fine Jewelry


Create carousel images or a video that shows how your design got created all the way from sketching to Visualization in Shapr3D. See examples below.


Share the image(s) or video of your design on Instagram with #shapr3dcontest and #shapr3d in the caption until May 26, 11:59 pm CEST


We can only view posts shared on public Instagram accounts, so make sure to check your account settings.

In round 3, a team of 3D modeling experts from Shapr3D picks the winning design based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: your entry cannot be a copyrighted or standardized product
  • Quality: your entry must show elements of aesthetics and design value
  • Usability: your entry must be manufacturable
  • Shapr3D-made: your entry must be created and visualized entirely in the Shapr3D app

Terms & Conditions – Round 1-2
Terms & Conditions – Round 3-4


iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

  • Round 1-2: At the end of each round, we’ll count the Instagram likes and award the most liked post.
  • Round 3-4: We’re upping the ante and calling on our team of 3D modeling experts to pick the best design. Likes don’t count in these rounds.

Secret grand prize

At the end of the Shapr3D Design Flow Contest, our in-house panel of 3D modeling experts will pick a grand prize winner. We cannot say more just yet, stay tuned for updates!

Get inspired

If you are not sure how you could best showcase your design, here are a few variations on going from sketching to visualization in Shapr3D.

Try Visualization

Winner of Round 4

Mac Gatchalian

Winner of Round 3

Lukas Mank

Winner of Round 2

Francesco Alfieri

Winner of Round 1

Marek Macko