Same Shapr3D.
Plus design history.
Parametric and direct modeling in one build: the same instinctive design experience you know - with added options. Adjust feature parameters and control design history, wherever you are. Skip ahead and get a first look at History-Based Parametric Modeling: download now.

Parametric Beta for any device

Skip the wait and get started now with Parametric Beta. You can test out the early start of History-Based Parametric Modeling and impact the future of development.


Requires Windows 10 2004 or later

iPadOS & macOS

Download from TestFlight

Requires iPadOS 15 or later, preferably
with Apple Pencil. — Requires macOS
Monterey (12.0) or later

Learn more about installing and testing Parametric Beta in our Setup Guide.

asked questions

Testflight link doesn't work. What's next?

If you already have a Beta app downloaded through TestFlight in the past, please navigate to the Beta app's Testflight page and hit "Stop Testing" at the bottom. Now try downloading the Beta again. Make sure you have nothing of importance in your old Beta app.

If you don't have a Beta already in TestFlight, and download doesn't work, please reach out at

What if TestFlight asks for a redeem code?

Make sure you have TestFlight installed, then click on the Download link again. If it does not work, send an email to and we’ll add you manually to the Beta group.

What new features will you add over the beta period?

Variables, and general optimization, plus improvements based on your feedback.

How stable is the Parametric Beta?

It is usable to create complex designs but be prepared for crashes or strange behavior here & there. Don’t forget to make frequent backups.

What is History-Based Parametric Modeling?

History-Based Parametric Modeling gives you access to your design’s history. With Parametric, you can apply changes retroactively to your feature parameters and consequent features update accordingly.

How do I download the Beta?

Go back to the top of this page and then click "Download for Windows" or "Download on the App Store". Parametric Beta for Windows is a direct download while Parametric Beta for iPadOS/macOS is downloaded through Apple TestFlight.

When will you launch History-Based Parametric Modeling in the live version?

History-Based Parametric Modeling will be launched as part of the Shapr3D live version in late 2023.

Is History-Based Parametric Modeling Beta compatible with the regular app?

No. Parametric Beta isn't compatible with the Shapr3D live version during the beta period. We strive to create forward compatibility once History-Based Parametric Modeling goes live. In any case, make sure to have a Parasolid (.XT) backup version of your project. If you have Shapr3D Sync turned on, the beta version will synchronize with other beta installations but not with the live app.

Do I need a separate subscription to use Parametric Beta?

No. History-Based Parametric Modeling, just like our other modeling features, is part of our Basic package. To use Pro features in Shapr3D, you need a paid subscription. To subscribe, visit our Pricing page. (We don’t offer in-app purchases in the Beta, you can only start a trial / subscriptions on our website)

How can I give feedback?

Go to Shapr3D Community to post your feedback or send us an email at Help our work by giving us detailed feedback with context. Read more in the Manual.

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