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Introducing Shapr3D’s brand new Hobby package. The same premium design experience – for less than half the price.

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DIY makers and visualizers, this one’s for you

Whether you’re creating a personal project, designing 3D graphics for digital use, or prototyping for a Kickstarter campaign, our gesture-based modeling interface makes bringing your ideas to life a breeze.

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There’s no need to mess around with multiple different apps to get a model you can manufacture. We’re fully compatible with all major CAD tools and 3D printers, as well as CNC and laser cutting software.

As easy as sketching on pen and paper

Forget spending ages just trying to figure out how legacy CAD software even works - you shouldn’t need a degree to create a 3D model. Start drawing in Shapr3D right away and master 3D modeling in weeks instead of months.

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