Introducing Shapr3D for Apple Vision Pro

Introducing Shapr3D for Apple Vision Pro

This past week we launched Shapr3D for Vision Pro, now enabling real-time 3D design and editing directly in Vision Pro, rounding out our offering of a cross-device design solution across the Shapr3D ecosystem. With Shapr3D on Apple Vision Pro, designers and stakeholders can collaboratively design, viewing the same model in extended reality, to edit, review, and finalize on the spot. Working with the model in the immersive environment of Spatial Computer-Aided Design (CAD) makes communication ultraprecise. Not only does this speed up alignment, but grants ample room for teams to focus solely on the design, meeting and exceeding design vision to together realize the best design possible.

By running natively on Vision Pro on a robust Siemens Parasolid® geometric kernel, Shapr3D equips teams with a powerhouse duo: unbeatable visual clarity and detail to design and edit models in real-time, with unerring precision that makes models instantly manufacturing-ready. 

Coffee maker model iterations visualized with different materials in Shapr3D Vision Pro

Here we walk you through the key features of Shapr3D for Vision Pro and how we arrived at this milestone culminating from the steps we’ve taken to make CAD available everywhere.

Teams build better together with Shapr3D on Vision Pro

How can your design and manufacturing teams leverage Shapr3D for Vision Pro to accelerate collaboration?

  • Immersive design on Apple Vision Pro
    Designers can work in context on an interface that stretches into physical space, with full capabilities to edit directly in Vision Pro without needing to return to a regular computer.
  • Real-time spatial collaboration
    Multiple designers can view and edit in real-time together in the same immersive Spatial CAD environment.
  • Cross-device workflow across the Shapr3D CAD ecosystem
    Designers can edit directly on Vision Pro, and pick up on any device with seamless syncing of designs across Windows, macOS, and iPadOS devices to optimize workflows.
  • Interactive design communication with customization capabilities
    Stakeholders can interactively participate in the design review process, adding finishes and even uploading custom materials for precise communication and finalizing on brand. 
Adding materials in the immersive environment of Shapr3D for Vision Pro

A custom CAD solution for enterprises

With Vision Pro connected to the Shapr3D ecosystem, enterprises can achieve a scalable design solution tailored to the requirements of large design teams and their specific design language. Every team member gets the optimal workflow, designing with their chosen, familiar tools, including the Apple trackpad and keyboard, and intuitive hand and eye motions, directly on Vision Pro. Coupled with Shapr3D’s robust collaboration features, seamless integration with CAD ecosystems, and self-hosted cloud options, enterprises significantly improve efficiency and productivity throughout the organization.

Designers review and edit 3D models together in Shapr3D Vision Pro working with the Apple trackpad and keyboard

Freely design across the Shapr3D ecosystem

The emergence of Shapr3D on Vision Pro doesn’t exist in a silo. The solution runs on the smooth gears of an underlying CAD infrastructure. Teams get the full freedom to design anywhere from any device, with an unbeatably intuitive interface that makes modeling quick to pick up, easy to retain, and consistently fast.

Shapr3D’s signature adaptive UI runs natively on all devices, ensuring quick iterations

Since emerging on the iPad in 2016 and branching out to include Windows and macOS devices, Shapr3D developed a cross-device CAD solution to optimize design and manufacturing workflows. Designs sync across devices, connected to the Shapr3D Cloud. The signature underlying adaptive user interface runs natively on all devices, making designing and communicating in 3D more precise to align on and achieve design vision. 

Instead of CAD tools dictating the design process, designers can harness adaptive CAD tools to design anywhere with anyone, elevating workflows for design and manufacturing teams to design better products together. Achieve the ideal modeling combination directly editing geometry and adjusting design history with edits reflecting instantly, making concepting speed unbeatably fast, all while working from wherever you need. 

Shapr3D for Vision Pro comes with the same adaptive parametric modeling experience

Now Shapr3D adds Vision Pro to enhance its cross-device solution, running on a comprehensive CAD infrastructure.

A new era of design

Bringing CAD to immersive design marks a new era of design that we can all celebrate and leverage together, accelerating collaboration and fueling innovation to build better products together.

Here’s to reaching the best of our potential, and unleashing the creative ingenuity in us all.

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