June updates: Manual material orientation in Visualization

June updates: Manual material orientation in Visualization

Over the month of June, you got more upgrades to Visualization and 2D Drawings. Here are the details of what went on in the background.

Manual material orientation in Visualization

Now you can rotate materials along the X, Y, and Z axis to the exact degree you like for a more natural look. This is especially applicable for your wood grains and brushed metals where tweaking differences in direction really stand out. Woodworkers and industrial designers, get an extra boost to the realistic finish of your design.

Pick the material orientation of your Visualized model to get the perfect fit.

Detail Views in Section View for 2D Drawings

In May you got to start adding Detail Views to your 2D Drawings to improve your workflow with creating more informative and organized manufacturing drawings. Now with June updates, you can also add these from Section Views. This allows you to enlarge and show inner parts with more details for clearer annotations. Showcase your final product with clean and easy-to-understand 2D Drawings.

Create a Detail View of any Section view in 2D Drawings

Numpad updates

We made a small fix to the numpad so you can work with fractionally formatted inches and feet more easily. Instead of searching through a small menu on your numpad, you can select from feet, inches, and the slash to format into fractions directly from the numpad menu screen.

Left: Previously, you needed to search to find fraction formatting options.
Right: Now select your measurement and click the right area to add the per symbol.

Up next

Have you checked out our 2023 Summer Product Tour? Our upcoming visual refresh frees up lots of room for our next big milestone: History-Based Parametric Modeling. Dive into the details and sign up for Parametric Beta on the tour page now.

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