May updates: Detail Views for 2D Drawings

May updates: Detail Views for 2D Drawings

This past May, we launched a new 2D Drawings feature and fine-tuned both 2D Drawings and Visualization. With our eye fixed on unblocking your professional workflow, we set out to make communicating the fine details simpler. Here’s an up-close look at this past month’s product updates.

New feature: Detail Views for 2D Drawings

We know that sharing clean 2D Drawings where each dimension and annotation is clear to understand is important for the reader. Given this, we’re happy to announce that the long-awaited Detail Views are finally here. 

Now with Detail Views you can highlight important parts of your 2D Drawings zoomed-in at a larger scale. Add dimensions and other annotations more effectively to deliver more actionable 2D Drawings. 

Improved: Granular control over 2D Drawings properties

We received your requests for more options in 2D Drawings settings. Now you can change projection type independently of the sheet standard and easily switch between different decimal separators. Great Britain, Japan, and Indonesia: we heard you. 

You also asked for more fine control over the size of your Drawing Views. The benefit? Maximizing the usage of a given paper size. This makes perfect sense to us so we also added more options for scale values, allowing you to choose a scale that best suits your needs.

Finally, we included line width settings on the bottom of the 2D Drawings side bar. Distinguishing between lines and dimensions just got easier, which can be especially useful when you print your 2D Drawings.

Improved: Visualization performance

We increased rendering speed in Visualization. Now you can showcase your designs with an ultra smooth rendering experience making for a sleek, seamless presentation experience. Panning around your model? Faster. Render quality? Even crisper. 

Up next

Have you heard the news? We’re bringing History-Based Parametric Modeling to Shapr3D. You’ll get the same Adaptive user interface experience you know and enjoy, plus added possibilities - a lot more. Be sure to check out the announcement from our CEO, Istvan at our 2023 Summer Product Tour.

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