October updates: Folders are here

October updates: Folders are here

Folders are here.

The wait is over. Now you get an extra step up in keeping your projects organized.

Create folders. Add and move projects into folders. And nest multiple levels of folders. Simply tap on the new sidebar to navigate. Then quickly access any folder or project.

The Shapr3D rebrand rollout.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the start of something new: A new logo and fresh colors better reflect our growth after a series of product launches. And paints a picture for the road ahead. Read all about the brand rollout here.

2D Drawings. Even more crisp.

Now you can instantly position views by clicking and dragging while your views stay aligned. You get a faster drawing creation process. And keep tidiness effortless.

Section View color indicators.

See your model’s interior just as clearly as the outside. Higher contrast makes Section View color indicators pop more for modeling that’s easy on the eye.

Stay tuned for more folder, 2D Drawings, and brand rollout news coming soon.

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