Shapr3D AR support is here

Shapr3D AR support is here

Make modeling magic

Apple’s AR platform includes hundreds of millions of AR-enabled devices, as well as thousands of AR apps on the App Store.

Our latest release builds a bridge between Shapr3D models and AR in two ways: with a built-in AR preview in Shapr3D and with USDZ export support. With these two features, you can visualize your models on-site and take them to the next level with your favorite mind-bending AR app.

AR preview in Shapr3D

To quickly check dimensions, take a look at how your concept would look in real life, or stun your clients with a live preview, just export your model to AR preview. Your model will load into the scene around you, and you can pinch to scale and drag it around your screen to demo different positions and dimensions.

(For a detailed guide on how to access AR preview and export to USDZ, check out the guide on our forum here.)

Manipulate your models with Apple’s best AR apps

Exporting your model as a USDZ file makes it possible to import them into any of Apple’s AR-enabled apps. We’ve had a lot of fun animating models in Reality Composer, or creating presentations with 3D models using JIG workshop.

Keep pushing your workflow to the next level

Often, a sketch on a corner of a napkin says volumes more than a long description of something in your head. We believe that building an intuitive CAD tool isn’t just possible with today’s available technology stack, but it’s also the best way to make 3D design more accessible and valuable than ever before. By taking advantage of Apple’s user-friendly platforms and connected ecosystem, we’re able to easily take design workflows to the next level.

We’re excited to see what you come up with with this latest feature, so download the latest version of the app and keep us posted on your AR adventures by tagging #shapr3D!

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