White paper

A guide to prototyping design concepts and minimizing production costs

Getting creative with low-budget materials is an effective way to iterate stronger designs in the short term and save production costs in the long term, before significant investments are made in manufacturing tooling. 

Download this guide to follow along with industrial designer Adam Miklosi’s prototyping and DFM process, as he fine-tunes a Red Dot award winning product concept. 

Included are explanations, documentation and practical suggestions on how to implement and apply the following methods:

  • Digital and paper sketches
  • Paper prototypes
  • 3D design prototypes
  • 3D printed prototypes
  • Cardboard 3D prototypes
  • Veneer moulded models

The guide also provides a practical introduction to prototyping within the lean design process, as well as statistics on the business case for concept modeling.

Download your free guide now and take your product design process to the next level.