From D&D to Old Childhood Submarines

Devvon Jaworski 3D models and 3D prints all sorts of things - D&D character models to play with the friends, webcam holders and many more. He was especially excited to be able to finally 3D model a submarine, a design idea that he kept in mind since middle school. Read on to see how hobbyists not only create useful things for themselves or their friends but also make childhood ideas come true.

What is your educational and professional background?

My education consists of two years of college. I think I took a college course on Drafting, if I remember correctly, I enjoyed it but never really found it enticing enough to continue that field. After college I joined the military in 2009 and have continued that course as an Electronics Technician, working on everything from Radar’s to Communication systems.

How experienced are you in CAD or any related field?

My experience primarily stems from using Shapr3D over the past two or so years.

3d model shapr3d

What sort of modeling tool did you use before you went for Shapr3D?

When it came to modeling, prior to Shapr3D I only used AutoCAD in the early 2000’s. I found it wasn’t my cup of tea; therefore, never continued in the field.

How and why did you start working on your projects?

Most of my projects began on need-basis for myself or a friend. We would be sitting around simply discussing how it would be great if we had X, Y, or Z.

After learning about Shapr3D, it was as simply as we would be sitting on the porch and I would grab my Apple Pencil and begin designing as we spoke.  The simple things would be finished within moments.

Great example of these are the Meeples, we were sitting around discussing how neat it would be for various designs to play D&D like games. Low and behold 20 minutes later while relaxing on the porch we had them.

dungeons and dragons characters 3d model
Dungeons and Dragons character models
dungeons and dragons 3d model
Dungeons and Dragons character models

Other projects such as the Game cartage box were in fact a co-workers request for something that did not exist in his ideal aspect. These designs are usually sent to 3D printing after completion and/or testing.

How and why did you come across Shapr3D?

I was always looking for programs that would give me the capabilities to draw in 3D on my iPad. Being in the Military when deployed, it was always a need for a program that was easily contained within a Tablet  to work on designing things. Shapr3D happen to pop up after I returned from deployment. I bpurchased it right away and was astonished with its abilities.

What is your current project?

At the moment I am working on 4 various projects: a new version of the game cartridge holder, along with revisions on RC submarine, each rendition brings new ideas. I just finished a very basic camera Boom I needed for mounting a Webcam to the ceiling. The one that came with it was not sufficient in what was needed, within 30 min on Shapr3d I had exactly what I wanted.

web cam holder 3d model
web cam holder top view 3d model
Why I work on these projects? Simply put - enjoyment and how easy it is. I have tried a few other free ones for very simplistic jobs like alphabet management, but in reality they aren't fluid for me like Shapr3D.
webcam holder 3d printed
web cam holder 3d printed zoomed

Starting from scratch with Shapr3D was actually quite simple, my workflow usually consists of quick draft of ideas in 2D format. Then, usually, I will expand it out from there creating individual components and save them as groups. I find it easiest to group the objects according to location within the primary design.

Since most of the projects I create are destined for 3D printer, I also try to keep them broken in various parts that can easily be re-assembled post- production. This is where the program shines in my opinion.

I can print the object as intended and designed and if its .002mm off I simply go back to Shapr3D and can extrude or change the variables within a minute and resend it to the printer.  

One of the most valuable features, in my opinion, is how the Extrude and Subtract is now designed compared to how it was in earlier versions.

What is your favorite project you 3D modeled?

My favorite and most dear to my heart is the Submarine I designed when I was in elementary or middle school. Since I was a kid I was always better at putting my ideas down on paper with pen and paper. As I said earlier, during college I attempted to use AutoCAD, but it did not mesh well with how I thought and wanted to design, mechanically speaking.

3d model of a submarine

I have just recently decided to attempt to create the submarine from the 22-year-old drawing and I was more than elated when it came to fruition. I sent it to my 3D printer. My wife said I looked like a kid in a candy store holding the model now printed.

After 22 years I physically held the idea I had rattling around my brain as a child. This by far was the result of Shapr3D’s simplistic yet amazing capabilities.
3d submarine

What is your advice to someone who is just starting out?

My advice for anyone just starting out is to enjoy it and experiment. I learned through trial and error more than anything else. I found ways of doing things that looked near impossible at first then found it wasn't hard at all. The other place you can find valuable information is the Forums. The developers are incredible at responding when you have questions or problems that you cannot solve.

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