Peter Settle is a third year architecture student at Miami University of Ohio. When he is not in school, he works as a construction manager fo Dallman & Bohl General Contractors. He has used all the main CAD programs in depth but he found that Shapr3D was much easier to learn, use and it gave him the flexibility to make any adjustments any time. Read on to learn why young professionals choose Shapr3D as their main CAD tool.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Peter Settle, and I am a third year architecture student at Miami University of Ohio. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, and I’ve lived there my whole life. When I’m not in school, I work as a construction manager for Dallman & Bohl General Contractors, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve always loved the process- not just the design, but the construction too.

How experienced are you with other CAD programs?

I am a fairly experienced CAD user. I’ve used all the main programs in depth - SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino and so on. I’ve created all sorts of projects using these programs, but compared to Shapr3D, the process is painstakingly long, especially if I’m working with an organic shape. In my opinion, none of these programs are intuitive, and they all require memorizing so many different key commands, none of these programs can be picked up quickly.

How did you come across Shapr3D?

When I first started using Shapr3D, I was looking for a program that I could build quick concept models with (pictured below). I soon found out that Shapr3D was a much more powerful tool than this, so I decided to build my entire final project in Shapr3D. I couldn’t have been happier with the process, as it was easy and quick. I could easily go back and change whatever I wanted, unlike other programs.

Why do you choose Shapr3D as your primary 3D modeling tool?

One of my favorite things about using Shapr3D is how easy it was to learn the program. The app is laid out in an intuitive way, with help videos anywhere one might need them. The Apple Pencil creates experience that is even more intuitive. I’ve found just about every computer program to be cumbersome and hard to use because of the keyboard and mouse controls.

With Shapr3D and the Apple Pencil, you can model smoothly and efficiently. 

Looking back on it, it took me about a day and a half to totally learn and get used to the program. To just learn the basics, it only took me a couple minutes. The program is incredibly smart and friendly for all users.

What is your 3D modeling workflow like?

My workflow has definitely changed since I started using Shapr3D. Prior to downloading it, I would primarily use paper and pen for initial design concepts, then make a model in SketchUp, then export for rendering.

Now, with the ability to sketch and create forms so easily, I use Shapr3D for most of the initial concept work as well as the final model. 

Then I’m able to export to Lumion with the .obj export. The fact that I could do so much from my IPad, and just easily import it to one other program for renderings, still amazes me. The app has certainly changed the way I design.

What is your current project?

The Morris Taylor Nature Center is a design for a site on Acton lake, in Oxford, Ohio. It is a functional display of recognition of site. The project is a gestural representation of the lake, and of the randomness of nature. It incorporates a local vernacular in materials used, historic recognition, and respect for land (more details can be found in my online portfolio).

I remember the first time my peers saw the app. We were working on a group project designing a workspace for ourselves, and I opened up Shapr3D and started doing some concept models. Everyone pulled up a chair and watched me, and they were all so excited because they’d never seen an intuitive program like Shapr3D before.

Everyone was asking me about it and how they could get it. Throughout the course of this semester, I have taught about five or six of my peers how to use Shapr3D on the rentable library iPads. They were so pleased with the way the app works, and my project end result, that three of them went out and purchased an iPad Pro for this app. Shapr3D has certainly been a useful and powerful tool that has made my work so much more enjoyable.

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